Kintyre has recently had the privilege of working with the Berlin based corporate consultant Berliner Team through an intensive and rewarding workshop designed to collaboratively establish the guiding Values of our firm.

The two-day workshop was undertaken in the picturesque and inspirational venue at Landgut Stober, and was attended by all of Kintyre’s 40 staff members.

Under the facilitation of Berliner Team, all team members of Kintyre had the opportunity to input into the establishment of the Values that we will now embrace to shape our firm’s culture, as we strive to maximise the quality of our service that we are providing to our clients and partners.

The Values that have been identified by our team, that will shape our company culture, are as follows:

  • WE ARE ONE TEAM: Our dealings are characterized through appreciation, cooperation and respect.
  • WE ARE FLEXIBLE: We adapt to circumstances and seek pragmatic solutions.
  • WE STAND FOR QUALITY: We strive to achieve the highest standards of professionalism and quality.
  • WE STRIVE FOR DEVELOPMENT: We want to develop our full potential, use our personal skills and take responsibility as individuals.
  • WE WANT INNOVATION: We are open to new ideas and actively use innovation.

We are very thankful for the expert guidance of Susanne Grätsch and Monika Steininger from Berliner Team, and also very appreciative of the hospitality shown by our hosts from Landgut Stober.