Kintyre’s 80,000 sqm Märkisches Quartier receives final approval.

Kintyre, the Frankfurt-based independent real estate investor, asset manager and urban regeneration specialist, has now received full planning permission for its ‘Märkisches Quartier’ project in Reinickendorf, Berlin – a mixed-use development totalling 80,000 sqm of commercial and residential accommodation.

Frankfurt, 12 May 2021


intyre’s regeneration project located in Berlin’s north-west, is designed with future living at its core, and aims to provide a seamlessly integrated ‘work, live, leisure’ urban precinct. The new Märkisches Quartier will provide 360 residential properties, a 12,500 sqm medical centre, 10,000 sqm office, a kindergarten, one of Europe’s largest market halls, retail shopping, and a 8,000 sqm urban rooftop garden for the enjoyment of the residents and occupiers.

Phases 1 & 2 of the project, which involved the renovation of existing buildings, and demolishment of surplus infrastructure, has already been completed. With the recent receipt of final building approval, the project can now proceed with the final and most significant phase of the project, the construction of all new build elements of the precinct.

Adam Pearce, co-founder and managing partner of Kintyre said: “Schemes like the new MQ, cannot be realised without close collaboration with all stakeholders, we are therefore very thankful to the local authorities, our exiting tenants, local residents, and the great team of professionals that have worked on this project with us for over 4 years already.”

“Märkisches Quartier is one of the most significant urban regeneration schemes in Berlin over recent years. The pandemic has caused people all over the world to reflect on where they live and work, with more importance placed upon the work-life balance. Mixed-use projects such as this illustrate what can be achieved in terms of reimagining urban living and creating sustainable environments that bring tangible benefits to residents, businesses and their workforce,” he added.

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