A schedule full of meetings anda full todo list: Kintyre has currently close to 50 employees in their offices in Frankfurt, Berlin and London and we are growing constantly and consistently. Our clients are leading real estate professional, and their demands are rightly high. Aiming to meet the expections of our clients results in extensive workload and less time. It´s natural, that we have time management and time balance on our agenda. To keep ourselves focussed and organised, an initial group from our Kintyre team had the chance to participate in a two-day training event with the topic „ Time Balance – organised and relaxed with a high workload“.

The event was created and guided by the consulting company Berliner Team, who already worked with us to develop our company values last december. Time is precious and two full workdays are not an insignificant investment for our firm and for every staff member too. Enthusiastic post session feedback showed the training to be well received  and it has already been decided that we will give every staff member of Kintyre the chance to benefit from this training event. Here are 4 of the key conclusions from our staff members after the training:

1. It´s not new, but true: communication is the key!

 “I realised that communication is often the key solution. If I would get short background information about why something is so „urgent“ or needs to be done „as soon as possible“ I could understand the priorities and needs much better and adapt my daily routine according to this.”

2. Be open minded and listen, you can always learn something new!

“I couldn´t imagine exactly what we would talk about for two full workdays, but I was pleasently surprised. I found many new approaches to deal with my daily business that I will definetely try out.”

3. Cancel meetings, if you have to, but decide wisely!

“I have to attend a lot of meetings and sometimes I feel I don’t have enough time for all so I have to cancel. Due to this training I realised that I could´ve solved some problems by attending them and therefore plan my day more efficiently.“ 

4. In the office and at home: take care of yourself and do something for it!

“This training showed me, that its really important to take care of yourself. Daily business at work and the everyday life are overlapping and should be a unit. And I can use the methods learnt of the course also for time management in my daily life, not just at work.“

initial group of Kintyre staff at time balance training event

Kintyre managing partner Johannes Nendel with a group of his staff and Susanne Grätsch from the consulting company Berliner Team