Tonia Bodenbach takes over as Head of Property Management at Kintyre

Kintyre, the Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg based investment and asset management platform, has appointed Tonia Bodenbach as Head of Property Management.

Frankfurt, 11 January 2024


odenbach has already been in responsibility for personnel for 4 years and during this time has in particular accompanied the team development and process optimisation at Kintyre. Before joining Kintyre, she worked for JLL, Acrest and Estama, among others.

With this appointment, Kintyre is continuing on its path towards further digitalisation and automation of property management, which involves interlinking the various software solutions across the different company divisions.

Tonia Bodenbach states: “The new position offers me the opportunity to drive positive change and ensure that project success is at the centre of our efforts. By creating a positive and supportive team culture where everyone can realise their full potential, we can collectively deliver top performance for our customers and partners.”

Johannes Nendel, co-founder and partner of Kintyre, adds: “Our main focus remains the full-service management of complex properties for institutional and international clients. With Tonia Bodenbach, we are delighted to appoint a new leader who combines professional expertise with human team leadership.”

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